Moving On from ATA…

9 Sep

September 9, 2009


After seven active and busy years as the Managing Director of the Atlanta Technology Angels, I am stepping down from that position at ATA to become the Managing Partner of a family partnership, Keith-Massey Family Partnership, LLLP. Day to day operations of ATA have, as of this week, been taken over by Gordon Rogers, an active member and investor within the Atlanta Technology Angels group. However, my commitment to local, regional and national angel investing will stay strong as I will remain a member of ATA, will remain on the ATA Board of Directors and will remain on the BOD of the Angel Capital Association.

I am indebted to many folks, among them Sig Mosley, Melanie Leeth, Bill Henagan, Dan Pompilio, Meade Sutterfield, Steve Chaddick, Mike Dickerson, Mike Eckert, Clark Gilder and many, many others, all of whom helped patiently teach me the finer points of investing in young technology companies and working with other investors.

I am most proud of the 25 companies that the Atlanta Technology Angels investment group help found or fund during my watch over these seven years. Those include:  

Aretta                                                  OpenSpan

Asankya                                             Oversight Tech

AeroVectrex                                    Pramana

Beacon                                               Preparis

CentraFuse                                       Qcept        

Calorie and Pulse                           Sentrinsic

Elf ISland                                           SoloHealth

Fortel DTV                                         SimpleC

Global Crypto                                   TerraGo

GLobal Standard Financial         Websingularity

Invirtus                                               Zeewise

Invistics                                             Jacket Micro Devices


What did I learn?

– Relationships, above all, are the most important aspect of this type of investing. Good relationships last much longer than any investment. 

–  This type of investing is hard work. Writing a check is only the first step. 

 – Business cycles count.

– Believe in what you do. If you do, success will find you. 

–  Simplify your priorities and then focus on what is most important. 

 – Patience, patience, patience. 

– Life goes on.

My contact information will stay the same. I look forward to seeing you soon.

One Response to “Moving On from ATA…”

  1. Rob Gray, III September 11, 2009 at 5:14 PM #


    Best of luck in your new venture!

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