Ohio Startups, Ohio Doesn’t Want You. Move to Georgia!

15 Aug


Why come to Georgia? We have friendly regulators that are innovative. 


We don’t have angry Ohio regulators who want to throw you in jail.


We have legal intrastate crowdfunding.


We have great angel investor groups.


We have lots of great VC funds.


We have a state-based VC Program.


We have ATDC.


We have young startups and grownup startups.


We have a great airport.


We have a great, innovative Governor and Lt. Governor. 


In short, we’re here to help you. Not throw you in jail. Move to Georgia.


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One Response to “Ohio Startups, Ohio Doesn’t Want You. Move to Georgia!”


  1. California Needs Investment Crowdfunding: An Open Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown | MAKE - January 16, 2014

    […] You don’t need to be Richard Florida to understand that the creative people who drive economic success move to places that support them, and leave the places that don’t. That’s why Georgia investing guru Knox Massey said, after Ohio regulators threatened Cincinnati-based funding platform SoMoLend, “Ohio Startups, Ohio Doesn’t Want You. Move to Georgia!” […]

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