Equity “Crowdfunding” is Legal in Georgia

26 Apr

Equity crowdfunding is legal in Georgia. Yes, legal. And, it is called the Invest Georgia Exemption. This is not the JOBS ACT.  It’s better than the JOBS Act.

 On December 8, 2011, the Georgia State Securities Division promulgated new rules known as the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE).  (This is not Georgia General Assembly legislation, nor is legislation needed.)

Here are the important links:



 Here is the important information:

  • Georgia-based, private companies can sell equity (shares of stock or debt) to Georgia based non-accredited residents of Georgia.
  • For-profit Georgia companies can raise up to $1 million annually from non-accredited and accredited investors.
  • Georgia-based Companies can advertise (solicit) capital raises in Georgia to Georgia-based residents .
  • Non-accredited Georgia residents can invest up to $10,000 per company.

I have been developing a platform to allow this type of equity investing. I’m doing this a little different than other private efforts. I would like to make this a community effort. We will create a pool of equity for those that help develop the site.

Here is what we need:

-  Developers interested in creating a web-based platform to allow online equity investing for Georgia companies.

- Whippersnapper securities lawyers not afraid to venture into new territories.

- Marketers who understand social media

- Companies that have been successful raising capital on KickStarter or IndieGoGo

Want to know more? Come to the TAG Corporate Development May 15 event on Crowdfunding.


Contact me at:

knox at keithmasseypartners.com

Let’s get the ball rolling on Georgia Crowdfunding!

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