We need your help with the Georgia Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill

20 Mar

We need your help on an urgent matter.

A number of you are aware that certain of us have been working hard for the past several months to gain passage of a particular bill in the current Session of this year’s Georgia General Assembly. This bill, House Bill 1001, is The Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill. This bill aims at helping entrepreneurs in our state have a better chance of obtaining early stage capital, by providing an incentive for active angel investors to become more active and for those angel investors who are the sidelines to get back into game. All of which will lead to business and job creation which in turn will help revive economic development in our state. The net results are that the state, the entrepreneurs and the investors all benefit from passage of this bill. Many of you are aware that 22 other states have such incentives in place and it is time for Georgia to step up.

This bill was introduced by TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) and has the support of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, The National Federation of Independent Business and The Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

A group was also formed to fund the lobbying efforts associated with this bill. This group is the GAIC (Georgia Angel Investors Coalition).  A number of you are members of this group and we appreciate your support.

We are pleased to share that the bill has been successfully progressing through various committees of the House of Representatives (the House originally deals with bills related to taxes) following which the bill will go to the Senate. This coming week is a very important week for the bill and this is where we seek your help. There are two very important committees which will review the bill and then the bill will go to the floor of the House for a full vote, all this coming week. Gaining support of the leadership of the House will go a long way in helping the bill successfully emerge this process in a timely fashion. We need for you to contact any/some of the people listed below, express your support for HB 1001, and encourage them to support it. Their contact info is noted below.  If any these members of the House are located in your respective districts or towns we ask that you contact these for sure. Ideally if you know any of these people personally, a quick personal phone call and email would be great. Most certainly we want the Speaker of The House to learn of the widespread support for the bill. Whatever you can do we ask that it be done as soon as possible (Monday/Tuesday) as next week’s activities will have a major influence on the success or failure of the passage of the bill.

Here is the list of contacts:

Speaker of the House; David Ralston:-Blue Ridge


404.656.5020 (Office at Capitol)

706.632.2221 (District Office)

Chief of Staff: Spiro Amburn


Assistant: Gina McKinney,


Speaker ProTem: Jan Jones-Alpharetta



404.656.5072 (Capitol)

Assistant: Beth Green,


Majority Leader: Jerry Keen-St. Simons


404.656.5052 (Capitol)

912.634.3773 (District Office)

Chief of Staff: Clelila Davis


Assistant: Misty Crockett


Majority Whip: Ed Lindsey-Atlanta/Buckhead


404.656.5024 (Capitol)

404.920.4155 (District Office)

Assistant: Debbie Lynn


Majority Caucus Chair: Donna Sheldon-Dacula Gwinnett


404.656.5025 (Capitol)

770.963.5472 (Home)

Assistant: Linda Nations


Majority Caucus Vice Chair: Jeff May-Monroe


404.656.5025 (Capitol)

770.318.1491 (Cell)

Assistant: Linda Nations


House Rules Chairman: Bill Hembree-Winston-Douglas



404.656.5141 (Capitol)

770.942.1656 (Cell)

Assistant: Donna Woodham


Listed below are talking points that can be utilized in your phone calls or emails:

–I’m calling/writing to voice my support for House Bull 1001, The Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill. Georgia needs this economic development tool TODAY.

–Many promising start-up companies in Georgia, most of which have been created by graduates of Georgia colleges and universities, are at risk in today’s challenging economic environment.

–The primary source of capital for these businesses are angel investors. Angel Investors are private individuals who take personal financial risk to enhance business and job creation in the state

–HB 1001 will incentivize angel investors to further engage to help these promising young companies get started and create jobs in our state and to stay in our state.

–22 other states have utilizing these investment incentives for years and those states have benefitted from new business creation, new jobs and new revenue

–Competing states also benefit from Georgia innovation as we’ve seen entrepreneur-graduates of our schools leave our state in pursuit of capital in other states. HB 1001 will help to address this.

–Add any personal comments

–I encourage you to support HB 1001

–Thank You for your time to discuss/read this

We’ve learned that feedback/input from voters/constituents DOES influence policy makers. In some way many if not all of us on the distribution list of this email will benefit from passage of this bill.

Thanks in advance for your help and participation.


One Response to “We need your help with the Georgia Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill”

  1. Pete Reilly March 22, 2010 at 12:25 PM #

    Thanks for the talking points and emails Knox! I put my version on my blog and put the emails in a format that’s a bit easier to cut and paste.


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